REHAU Brillant Design

The 70 mm centre seal system for upmarket residential buildings

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solutions for energy - efficient building and modernisation
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REHAU Brillant-Design MD builds on the success of REHAU Brillant-Design with rebate seals. With the same successful appearance REHAU Brillant-Design MD has been developed as a stand-alone centre seal system. The emphasis is on thermal insulation with REHAU Brillant-Design MD. The very good insulating properties of the 70mm wide profile and polished five chamber technology is further reinforced by the centre seal.

Construction width: 70 mm (optional: 80mm frame design) / centre seal
Number of chambers: 5 Chambers
Thermal insulation: Uf= 1,3 W/m²K (with standard reinforcement)
Thermal insulation: with thermally separated reinforcement: Uf= 1,1 W/m²K
Sound insulation: up to sound insulation class 4 (VDI 2719)
Burglar resistance: up to resistance class 3 (DIN V ENV 1627)
Air / driving rain resistance: up to class 4 (DIN 12207) / E750 (DIN 12208)
Condensate-free corner solutions

Classic flush mounted sash or bevelled sash design
Comprehensive range of design possibilities using colouring with decorative foils as well as painting or aluminium casings
Light grey seals on white profiles create accents
Elegant appearance created by a 20° chamfer
80mm bevelled sash

Low energy houses and energy-conscious renovation of old buildings
Upmarket residential buildings
Construction of windows and french doors
Extended profile pallet for the Swiss window market

Various design options from an especially broad profile pallet
Smooth, easy to clean surfaces
Slanted rebate in sash profiles for better drainage and ease of cleaning
Optimum static properties through reinforcements with a large construction width
Same reinforcements in main frame and sash to reduce stock holding
Optional co-extruded seals for economic production
Environmentally friendly as recyclable