Reynaers CS 77

The optimum combination of safety and comfort

Reynaers Aluminium
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CS 77 is a thermally improved three-chamber system for windows and doors that boasts the optimum combination of safety and comfort. Fibreglass reinforced polyamide strips with ribs and/or hollow chambers guarantee high thermal insulation levels.

The system is available in a variety of aesthetic shapes to match the current architectural trends whilst offering all types of both inward and outward opening windows and doors. A double butt strip
between the frame and vent and a lowered drainage ensure superior wind and water tightness. Different inner and outer colours are possible.

Frame: 68 mm
Vent: 77 mm (window), 68 mm (flush door)

Acoustic performance : Rw (C; Ctr) = 36 (-1; -4) dB / 42 (-2; -4) dB, depending on glazing type (EN ISO 140-3, EN ISO 717-1)
Air permeability :  600 Pa (class 4) (EN 1026, EN 12207)
Anti-burglar :  WK 2 – WK 3 (European standard ENV 1627 – 1630) (ENV 1627, ENV 1630)
Thermal insulation : Uf-value between 1.6 W/m²K and 2.6 W/m²K, depending on the frame/vent combination (EN 10077-2)
Water tightness :  900 Pa (class E900) (EN 1027, EN 12208)
Wind load resistance :  2000 Pa (class 5) (EN 12211, EN 12210)